Opened Mar 27, 2009
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Winner of the prestigious Olivier Award, David Hare's Skylight wrestles with the complexity of modern romance. Can two people salvage their passion without sacrificing their ideals? Which is ultimately more important? The best love stories aren't clean and simple. They're the ones that make it hurt so good. Intimacy, morality and class dynamics are at the heart of David Hare's kitchen sink drama about the perils of deep affection. Having lost his wife to cancer, Tom, a successful restaurant owner, and his son Edward each go looking for the woman who vanished from their lives. Over the course of one intense and passionate evening, Kyra, who has managed to extricate herself completely from their family, is visited by both son and father. Her way of life has become unrecognizable, and her choices difficult to reconcile. Shotgun creates the ultimate voyeuristic experience on a stage which expands Kyra's apartment to include the audience.

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Shotgun Players Announces Cast of Skylight - Feb 12, 2009

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