Rent: The Musical

2hr. 25min. (1 intermission)


Great Show!

I had little or no expectation when my friend invited me to watch the show. But few minutes after it started i was engaged by the strong performance. I laughed, cried and stomped my feet while the band was playing. Great set design although i get distracted by people on the side. But i still highly recommend it. Great Show!

RE:Broadway Caliber!

Wow! Saw the show last night and was blown away! The cast are all powerhouse voices! Great rendition of a musical thats so well-known and works a lot better in an intimate space. I loved every minute of it. I laughed. I cried. It reminded me of why I was a RENT-head and I saw the original back in October. These guys are the next best thing! The guy who played Roger had this gigantic voice that could blow the rough off the theatre! Do not miss it. My only gripe was the band was a little loud, either than that, this show was impressive. Kudos!