Not Getting Any Younger

Opened Apr 27, 2012
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Not Getting Any Younger is a 'coming of middle age' story which begins during an idyllic childhood visit to a dairy cow's boudoir in the Bronx. Afterwards, Gomez endures a youth marked by adult hostility and is forced to live by the maxim "children should be seen and not heard." She perseveres through these "soul crushing" early years with the false hope that when she's older she can order children about. But in 2011, children call the shots, adults shoot botox and Gomez has to put up with young salesclerks calling her Ma'am, driving her toward "murder" at a Forever 21 department store.

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Marga Gomez's Not Getting Any Younger Extends at Marsh Berkeley Through June 30 - May 2, 2012

Marga Gomez's Not Getting Any Younger at The Marsh Berkeley Postponed Until April 27 - Apr 6, 2012

The Marsh Berkeley to Present Marga Gomez's Not Getting Any Younger - Mar 8, 2012

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