SF Playhouse flashes into the New Year with an exciting adaptation of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein story: Monster by Neal Bell. Monster diverges from the well-worn path created by Boris Karloff and Mel Brooks by creating a Dr. Frankenstein in his twenties, a brilliant bio-tech genius, whose morality lags far behind his scientific genius and a Monster who has a voice, who can truly speak of the horror of his creation and the despair of his abandonment. Monster weaves a chilling tale of unchecked human ambition and human longing. It is the story of Victor Frankenstein who, obsessed with his quest to find a cure for death, assembles a Creature from the pieces and parts of the recently departed. Brought to life by a mysterious new force called Electricity, the Creature is soon abandoned by his creator. Wanting only the love of his unnatural father or the animation of a bride, the Creature disassembles Victor's life by destroying those whom he loves. Victor, his fate sealed, vows revenge and pursues the creature to the farthest reaches of the known Earth.