Finn in the Underworld

Opened Oct 9, 2005
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In Jordan Harrison's Finn in the Underworld, the mystery begins when Gwen and Rhoda must clean out their dead father's house. Little remains, other than the grandfather clock, until they literally bring the building's ghosts to life. That's when Gwen's son, Finn, encounters Carver, a neighbor who holds the key to the family's secrets. Harrison's sparse, poignant writing is in perfect harmony with this haunting tale of heredity. As they pack up the house and unpack its secrets, his characters discover that the memories we never talk about grow larger and the rooms we create to keep our families safe are the very places we must avoid. Don't miss this daring new play and its provocative questions about family, safety, sexuality, and subterranean lifestyles.

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All Over the Map - Oct 19, 2005

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