Arthur and Esther

Opened Feb 1, 2008
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Small town librarian Arthur Huey's world is crumbling. It seems best friend Chuck's is too. But wooing Esther dressed as a caveman and chasing her around his museum with a spear means that things do get better for Chuck. Not so for Arthur. He lost his library which is being turned into office space. Bad enough, but when you are a direct descendant of the man who invented the Dewey Decimal Classification System there's a legacy at stake. A history. If Arthur's wife was around things might be okay. But Arthur's wife is, in fact, Esther, the woman who was chased around the museum by Chuck. Arthur and Esther -- the dark comedy that won acclaim at this year's New York Fringe Festival -- makes its West Coast premiere. The play is written by Ross Howard and performed by Taylor Hanes.

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