Ann Randolph's Loveland

1hr. 10min.


"Loveland is Brilliantly Funny..,Irreverent, hilarious and deeply human... It's a no-brainer. Ann Randolph is a comic genius... and not just any sort of hide-your-light-behind-a-bush kind a genius, but a hardworking, dare-to-put-it-out-there kind of genius." - Linda Ayres-Frederick. SF Bay Times The Marsh is excited to announce the premiere of Ann Randolph's new solo show Loveland. Join Randolph as she takes us on the irreverent, hilarious and deeply human journey of Franny Potts. Facing up to the greatest loss of her life while flying from LA to Ohio surrounded by strangers, Franny stumbles her way from awkward confusion through the mystery, tragedy and beauty that unite all us. A stunning performer, Mel Brooks compares Randolph to the late Gilda Radner for her audacious humor, her generosity and her ability to take us from tears to laughter in the same minute. Randolph's previous solo show, "Squeeze Box," was the Winner of LA Weekly's "Best Solo Show" and the Los Angeles Times Ovation Award for "Best Solo Performer." Its extended run at The Marsh played to sold-out audiences for eight months last year.

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