Angry Black White Boy

Opened Oct 27, 2008
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Written and adapted by Dan Wolf from the book by Adam Mansbach, Angry Black White Boy is an outrageous and deft satire about race, whiteness and Hip Hop pop-culture, identity and violence in the twenty-first century. This innovative re-mix of Mansbach's novel with performances that combine hybrids of theatrical storytelling, poetry, rapping, beatboxing, ballet and hip-hop dance is directed by Campo Santo's Sean San José. Told through the eyes of Macon, a young, white man obsessed with righting the wrongs that have been levied against Black people throughout history, this vigilante story delves into his conflicted mind, psyche and guilt. The play explodes through Macon - burdened by this nation's past and white privilege - as he studiously and compulsively sets out to rob his white taxi passengers in an attempt to somehow balance the scales. However, his robberies go tragically - and comically - haywire, pushing him to the forefront of a national debate. This theatrical re-mix for the stage incorporates text adapted and melded with original source material, freestyle and verse rap, live Hip Hop music, ballet and Hip Hop dance.

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