The Princess and The Black-Eyed Pea



Rousing gospel, funky rhythm and blues, tropical African world beat and soaring pop ballads, this musical poses the question "Does fate or free will lead us to true love? "Colorful characters rule the African kingdoms of Kheba and Torel - one is the tyrannical Queen Mother Zauba, the other, a befuddled King Nat whose teenage daughter, Princess Quelie, has never been outside the sheltering palace walls. When the most feared warrior in the land, Vinzulu, vows he will force her to be his queen, the defiant Princess climbs the walls, braves a wild storm and heads into the dangerous forest to seek her freedom. Meanwhile, back in Torel, the sad Prince Gallant has not yet found the princess of his dreams. To assist, the Queen Mother plans an elaborate ball, during which her son accidentally stumbles upon a ragged and starving Quelie. It's love at first sight, but will fate let these love birds stay together? There's only one way to find out - the sacred and legendary test of The Black-Eyed Pea!

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All Over the Map - Nov 19, 2008

Sloan, Tower, White, et al. Set for San Diego Rep's The Princess and the Black-Eyed Pea - Sep 17, 2008

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