Il Trovatore



In Italian with English subtitles Based on the Spanish drama, El Trovador by Antonio Garcia Gutierrez Production Presenting Sponsor: The Hearst Corporation On opposite sides of a political conflict, and rivaling for the affections of the same woman, the Count di Luna and the troubadour Manrico have no idea they are brothers. Lady Leonora is the woman of their dreams but another would be the sibyl of their inescapable nightmare -- Azucena: a gypsy woman whose mother, at the behest of di Luna's father, was burned at the stake for practicing witchcraft. Bent on revenge she stole the count's younger brother at birth and raised him as her son. Little does the impassioned and honorable Manrico know that he will be the chief agent in a vow of vengeance that will destroy everything he holds dear. This is a tale where sweet romance is devoured by a force far more rapturous. This time it is the bitter promise that rests beneath every tongue, lingers on every lip.

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