Based on the timeless myths of the Roman poet Ovid, Metamorphoses was written and originally staged by Mary Zimmerman. It caused a sensation in both its Off-Broadway and Broadway productions, receiving three Best Play awards in 2002. The play's theme is transformation, and as created by Zimmerman, it allows each new director, design team, and to transform the production according to their unique vision. Built into the stage is a pool of water, the perfect representation of the fluidity of change. Enhanced by a stunning variety of lighting, sound and costume designs, 10 actors will use the pool to evoke contemporary interpretations of Heaven, Earth, and the Underworld. Zeus will start things off, making order out of chaos. We'll meet the greedy Midas and the vain Narcissus. Many couples come together or part, transformed by their relationships, including Orpheus & Eurydice and Eros & Psyche. The gods also turn things around: a naughty Aphrodite; a drunken Bacchus; Vertumnus, the god of springtime; and Poseidon, who stirs up quite a storm, among many others. Flowing through the production are many lessons, including the consequences of excess and lust, the virtues of honesty, and the power of love.

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