Sleeping Beauty

Opened Dec 5, 2007
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Once upon a time...get ready! Here comes a modern, funnier version of one of your favorite tales. Meet our smart and independent Princess, a girl named Briar Rose (a.k.a. Sleeping Beauty) and Gryff, her sidekick half-dragon with big dreams. There's Branwen, the friendly witch who tries to outspell evil Modron. And there's a Prince of course - Owain, a regal boy with standard princely attributes, minus the bravery, talent and competence. It's a twist on the story you remember, right through to the happily-ever-after. In between is a magical adventure, replete with troublesome fairies, a Spider King, and a dashing sword fight! Will Briar Rose's parents grant her the freedom she craves? Can Owain manage his fears, do the right thing, and please his father?

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