Opened Oct 22, 2010
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From the author of InterAct's best-selling show, Permanent Collection, comes this enthralling new drama inspired by one of the most fascinating moments in American history. Based on the 19th century Oneida community of upstate New York, Silverhill is a play about innocence lost - but not by an individual so much as a community, and by extension, American society as a whole. Silverhill is a self-supporting Christian community that openly and successfully practices complex marriage and the communal sharing of wealth under the spiritual leadership of its charismatic founder. But when one young member introduces the idea that Silverhill should abandon communism and become a corporation, the spirit of capitalism threatens to shatter the community's peaceful utopia.

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Nancy Boykin, Christopher Coucill, et al. Set for Thomas Gibbons' Silverhill - Oct 8, 2010

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