Opened Apr 3, 2003
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Theater Catalyst's Eternal Spiral Project presents the Philadelphia premiere of Scab, by Sheila Callaghan. This comic drama is an absurd tale of female duality, love, friendship, sex, betrayal, and role-reversal. Anima, already in crisis, is catapulted into a new and even more dramatic world when she meets her roommate and polar opposite, Christa. The line between friendship and love blurs as Anima and Christa struggle with guilt, grief and acceptance. Add to the mix Alan, Anima's ex-boyfriend, and a host of mental angels and devils from Anima and Christa's subconscious, and you have a wildly funny, darkly disturbing multi-media dramedy. Deborah Block directs.



Apr 9, 2003
Jessica Graham and Amanda Schoonoverin Scab Throughout the 20th century, the response of male critics to the work of female playwrights has ranged from the ... Read More

Scab - Apr 9, 2003

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