Reinventing Eden



Reinventing Eden follows the family of an eminent geneticist, Jonas Tuttle, who is being honored with a major science prize while simultaneously being investigated for allegedly unauthorized experiments he conducted some twenty years earlier. Jonas' older son, Paul, has a genetically based mental disability and lives at home at the age of 26. Jonas' younger son, Jason, is a normal, healthy college graduate returning from Peace Corps work in East Africa to see his father honored. As the government's investigation begin to expose the secrets of Jonas' top secret experiments, Jonas and his wife, Lizzie, are forced to tell their sons that the allegations are true. Jason's healthy mental state is, indeed, a result of Jonas' intervention. As the future of Jonas' career rests in the outcome of the investigation, the entire Tuttle family must come to terms with the implications of their life-altering decision. Harriet Power directs.

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