Measure for Measure

Opened Jul 6, 2010
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TRT presents a provocative Measure for our times: Isabel, a modest young postulant, yearning to take the veil, must plead for the life of Claudio, her wrongly condemned brother. Chosen by Duke Vincentio to rule in the wake of his mysterious abdication, the novice authority, Angelo, invokes a draconian moral order over the city-state of Vienna. In self-imposed exile, the Duke seeks to somehow redeem a world where both faith and justice seem dangerously blind to the dichotomy of desire that fuels both flesh and spirit, a dichotomy that threatens to rip apart the very soul of civilization. Shakespeare's final apocalyptic comedy is at once as timely as today's headlines and a timeless meditation on the fragile threshold between vengeance and mercy that dwells in the heart of humanity.

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