2hr. (1 intermission)
Opened Oct 18, 2013
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Why is Shakespeare's "Scottish play" the perfect autumn thriller? It has it all! Deceit, intrigue, treachery, murder, backstabbing (literally!), plus witchcraft and ghosts give it the spine-chilling feel that gets you on the edge of your seat. Director Dan Hodge (of the acclaimed Philadelphia Artists Collective) promises a fast-moving production different than any other version you've seen. He's placed it just after the First World War at the birth of our modern world, a time when there was a high interest in the occult. But it's still the classic tale of a man and his wife, ambition, temptation, and the prophecies made by a trio of witches. The acclaimed Hedgerow stage and its bare stone walls provide the perfect backdrop for a spooky, bloody, war-torn world where "something wicked this way comes."

Shakespeare's dark and bloody thriller of ambition, guilt and revenge.

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