Grease and Desist



Director Madi Distefano, along with Brat Productions and Tapestry Theatre, planned a production of the musical Grease, with the conceit that an all girls' high school is presenting the musical in their auditorium. The show ran into legal trouble, resulting in the revoking of the rights to perform the musical. So now they're presenting Grease and Desist, the "gleefully, bad ass, unauthorized, '50's rock musical cabaret" that claims "If the creators of South Park and Charles Ludlum had met late one evening in a dark, smokey bar, done shots of jagermeister and danced -- THIS IS THE LOVE CHILD THEY WOULD HAVE HAD." Schedule Fri. May 6 7pm (preview) Sat. May 7 7pm (preview) Sun. May 8 3pm (preview) Tue. May 10 7pm (preview) Wed. May11 7pm (opening night) Thu. May 12 7pm Fri. May 13th 8pm Sat. May 14th 8pm Sun. May 15 3pm Tue. May 17 7pm Wed. May 18 7pm Thu. May 19 7pm Fri. May 20 8pm Sat. May 21 8pm Mon. May 23 7pm (industry night) Wed. May 25 7pm Thu. May 26 7pm Fri. May 27 8pm Sat. May 28 2pm (closing matinee) Sat. May 28 8pm (closing night)

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