1hr. 15min.


Pull up a chair, grab a pint, and settle in as Brat Productions presents this salty dog tale of longing and marital disillusionment. Intimately staged at Fergie's Pub, Eden interweaves monologues by Breda and Billy as the inner passions and ultimate failures of their 11 year marriage collide during the big party down at Flanagan's. Breda's "lost the weight" and longs to reignite her marriage, while Billy plans on getting "Micky Monk drunk" and making it with his friend's teenage daughter. At least one of these plans is doomed to fail before the night has drawn to a close in their small Midland town in Southern Ireland. Bill Zielinski and Madi Distefano star in this production, directed by Tom Reing. Schedule Saturday, Jan 8th @ 7pm Sunday, Jan 9th @ 5pm Tuesday, Jan 11th@ 6pm Wednesday, Jan 12th @ 7pm Thursday, Jan 13th @ 6pm Friday, Jan 14th @ 7pm Saturday, Jan 15th @ 7pm Sunday, Jan 16th @ 5pm Wednesday, Jan 19th @ 7pm Thursday, Jan 20th @ 6pm Friday, Jan 21 @ 7pm Saturday, Jan 22 @ 7pm Monday, Jan 24th @ 7pm Wednesday, Jan 26th @ 7pm Thursday, Jan 27th @ 6pm Friday, Jan 28th @ 7pm Saturday, Jan 29th @ 7pm

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