Disco Descending

0hr. 55min.


Death! Middle age! Spandex! It's 1978. A group of suburban forty-somethings gathers to mourn the loss of a friend. But when disco magic delivers a chance for resurrection, everything changes. Can true love beat death while wearing platform shoes? Choreographer and director Karen Getz returns to the Live Arts Festival with Disco Descending, the sequel to her 2006 Live Arts runaway hit, Suburban Love Songs. The second installment of Getz's trilogy on middle-aged life, Disco Descending examines the role death plays in middle-age. Through a series of dreamlike events, the characters are transported into Hell, loosely following the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, set against a Saturday Night Fever backdrop in this comic actors' wordless ballet driven by dark themes and lit by a big, sparkly ball. A highly physical piece, Disco Descending creates an accessible language for the characters to express their thoughts and emotions by utilizing popular dances and music of the 70s, including funk and disco, to depict suburban life as it spirals into boogie madness.

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