Belles of Dublin

1hr. 30min.
Opened Mar 17, 2010
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Funny, bittersweet, stories of coming of age and illicit love affairs gone wrong interlaced with traditional Irish music featuring vocals, flute, and Celtic harp. DC Theatre Scene wrote, "The stories are carved and scoured with language like a cascade of diamonds.The protagonist tells her story from the point of view of love, and the opportunity for love, long past. This could be depressing, but MacIntyre makes it sound rueful, wistful, and, with surprising frequency, funny. That's in large part because she excerpts her content from the writing of the fine, if underappreciated, Irish writer Edna O'Brien. I do not know what O'Brien would sound like reading her stories, but if she doesn't sound like MacIntyre, I bet she wishes she did."