A Midsummer Night's Dream

Opened Aug 8, 2010
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In Mauckingbird's A Midsummer Night's Dream, Athens is an elite boarding school where the social scene is fierce and dating is as dramatic as ever. In the company of Headmaster Theseus (Benjamin Lovell) and his bride to be Hippolyta (Melanie Julian), Egeus (Nick Anselmo), the Duke, demands that his daughter Hermia (Erin Mulgrew), the "it girl" of Athens marry his ideal son-in-law Demetrius (Sean Gibson). Young love gets complicated when Hermia locks eyes on Lysander (Emily Letts), a gorgeous girl just like herself, and a handsome boy named Helena (Patrick Joyce) lusts after Demetrius. All bets are off when the schoolmates take a trip to a futuristic forest where sexuality is fluid and love has no boundaries. Meddling monarchs Oberon and Titania (Matt Lorenz and Charles Illingworth IV) and cyberpunk fairies stir up chaos and mischief while hilarity ensues as thespian misfits present a play within a play. In an intimate performance, Mauckingbird Theatre Company's contemporary Midsummer with a twist explores love's difficulties among all couples - boys and boys, girls and girls, and boys and girls - while exposing the confusion, passion, excitement and heartache the play's young lovers experience exploring their burgeoning sexual identity in a fantastical Athens where labels do not apply.

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Charles Illingworth IV, Matthew Lorenz, Danielle Pinnock, et al. Set for Mauckingbird's Midsummer Night's Dream - Jun 9, 2010

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