Zomboid! (Film Performance Project #1)

1hr. 5min.
Opened Jan 12, 2006
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For many years Richard Foreman has performed dense, multi-layered theater for sold out audiences. But now he risks everything! As announced - he is departing from his normal theatrical mode and beginning a new adventure. Zomboid! (Film Performance Project #1) marks the advent of a series of performances dominated by projected tableaux vivants against which live actors (and in the case of Zomboid!, multiple transcendental donkeys) appear and disappear. Zomboid! (Film Performance Project #1) marks the space of a new and uniquely Foreman kind of philosophically oriented performance which lives in the heretofore unfathomable territory between projected image and on-stage corporality. Student Groups: Please contact the theater directly at 212.533.4650.

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Zomboid! - Jan 25, 2006

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