Zipperface!!?!: The Hobo Musical

1hr. 50min.


Hobos, hookers, and robots; what's not to like?

I positively loved this show! Its a spot on parody of modern film based musicals that avoids taking itself too seriously but still seriously enough to be well performed, directed, and highly entertaining. The songs are ridiculously catchy and absolutely hilarious, in terms of both timing and lyric. The jokes are clever and well written, not to mention perfectly delivered by a high energy and very gifted cast. Any joke that at first may seem to be an inconsequential stand-alone pun returns with a witty vengeance that keeps the audience in stitches. From Soviet robots, to post-feminism, to poking fun at historical figures, "Zipperface!!?!: the Hobo Musical" makes sure that everyone will find a joke they couldnt keep from laughing at if you paid them. I wish the shows hadnt sold out so quickly; Id have liked to go see it again!