Zero to Infinity

Opened Jan 12, 2009
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Now, Al Schnupp has created a Pere Ubu for the 21st century! Obscenity is too good for us - the play opens with blather: "Zero, it's time to get off your kadoodles! Soon you'll be kaplutzed." And so he does - Zero throws himself into a political career! The play proceeds with merciless humor. No one is spared - not the manager, not the lawyer, not the makeover consultant. They all spout nonsense that's disgustingly familiar from the national news: "Air-punchers, wave-netters, and sieve-cloggers, thank you for coming. In just a splatz you will be introduced to Zero, man of the upcoming hour. This corker will porpoise the water with plans to reviggie Groad." This reading is free!!!

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