You're the Puppet! (beat) An Easy Guide to Time Management

0hr. 50min.


You're the Puppet! is the next installment in a series from Post Election Therapy. What started as a multidisciplinary, improvisational reaction from artists, dancers, musicians, and poets to the 2016 election campaigns, continues along with the shocking events that compel us towards artistic action. ~ (beat): a theatrical pause between line and line in the script. Two different bodies on stage, a new type of physical language. Three different genres: contemporary dance, Korean traditional music, and puppetry. Under three frames (distance, relationship, and estrangement), I would like to give the audience an opportunity to experience physical and emotional distance through disparate methods of movement. ~ An Easy Guide to Time Management is a nonlinear symbolistic show, playfully peeking into antihuman forms of time to conclusively confirm, without a shadow of a doubt, that a fountain pen can indeed run a federal bureau.

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