Opened Nov 11, 2009
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Wormwood was the famous dissident group's last production in Communist Poland, and its history is almost a parable for the absurd fate of culture under totalitarian regimes. The Polish Communist Party shut down the production, and the would-be audience was met by a police cordon at the scheduled premiere at the Adam Mickiewicz University theatre in Poznan. Despite confrontations with the police, Theatre of the Eighth Day outwitted officials by scheduling a secret premiere of the production the following day in the very theatre from which the play had been banned. The very titles of the scenes may suggest why the production was banned at that time: Death; Meeting on a train; Sanctify the suffering, Procession and church fair; Our lonely apartments; Conspiracy - an attempted revenge; Dreaming about Home; Great voyage on a sailing ship; And death once again; Poland, Poland; Trial; Leaving.

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Poland's Theatre of the Eighth Day Brings Wormwood to Abrons Arts Center - Oct 14, 2009

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