wipe that _____ off your face

The Robert Moss Theater at 440 Studios
440 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10003
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Oliver Sacks, a preeminent physician and author, brought science to the exploration of music and our brains in his recent book Musicophilia. In everyday life - on the subway, on the street, in our cars, at home - we play music. And in our brains we are surrounded by noise - filled with words, sound loops, distortion, music, and the sounds around us. Flipping our natural desire to create soundtracks to our lives, wipe that _____ off your face allows the audience into a character's head via what they hear. Each audience member receives headphones and a radio that is tuned to one of the three dancers' sound tracks. A movement piece for the stream of consciousness - the viewer and the dancer create a story together through the sounds in their heads. Built with non-trained dancers, wipe that _____ off your face traces the duet between what we see and what we hear.

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