Will Rawls - The Planet Eaters

The Chocolate Factory
5-49 49th Ave, New York, NY 11101
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The Chocolate Factory

5-49 49th Ave New York, NY 11101


Jon Kinzel - Someone Once Called Me A Sound Man
Will Rawls - The Planet Eaters
Tatyana Tenenbaum - Private Country
There There
Ich, Kürbisgeist
Hot Box
Beth Gill - Electric Midwife
Christine Elmo - Empress, empress fall down your skirt is too short
Roseanne Spradlin - Beginning of Something
Suzanne Bocanegra - When a Priest Marries a Witch
Sarah Maxfield - we deserve each other
K.J. Holmes - this is where we are (or take arms against a sea of troubles)
Second Language
Selective Memory
Get Mad at Sin!
Gary Winter - Cooler
Revolving Twilight
The Dream Express
Selective Memory
After Image
Liz One - Her Secret Diaries in the Land of 1000 Dances
Jillian Sweeney - This Could Be It
An Evening with Djordjevich and Peck
Caucasian Chalk Circle
Across The Road
Dom Juan
The Blue Puppies Cycle
Ko'Olau (A True Story of Kaua'i)
Live Sh--
Welcome to Nowhere (bullet hole road)
Rammed Earth
Washing Machine
Old Tricks
Oh dear Natascha
The Dress Up Show
BOREDOM!!!(as an amplifier)
2 Husbands
Drifting Awake
Force Trilogy
Fresh Meat
The (re)Cycle Plays
Pot au Noir (The Black Hole)
2 Husbands (work in progress)
Love Cervere
Right After
The Brooklyn Adult Recorder Choir
3 Beckett Shorts
Moving Parts
Old Tricks
Ursula Eagly's Nobody Try to Be a Hero and Rebecca Davis' The Birds are here. I hear them.
Cary from the Cock
Scenes from a Wedding
Someone in the Ghost Box Told Me It Was You
Gun Play
Ursula Eagly/Rebecca Davis - Nobody Try to Be a Hero / The Birds Are Here. I Hear Them.
Jeff Arnal & Estelle Woodward -Transparent Paths
Daria Fain - Human Nature Explorers - GERM
Adam Melnick/LITE Company - Citystories (in progress)
Théâtre Déséquilibrium - The Circus of the Elephants (Le Cirque des Éléphants)
Anime Dance Theater - X Kills Y, and Vice Versa
The Gut Girls
The Architecture of Sight
It's About Time
The Maids
Fresh Meat Festival
The Female Terrorist Project