Whence Came Ye Scarlett O'Hara O'Hanrahan?

Opened Feb 27, 2008
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When Scarlett O'Hara O'Hanrahan runs away from her Irish home in search of her African-American roots, she has no idea what she's in for. After stowing away on a freighter, and landing in New York City, she journeys through a city populated with street entrepreneurs, identity ambivalent journalists, shamanistic office workers, tech savvy teens, indifferent bureaucrats and pop superstars - each struggling to understand their place in the 2007 version of the American melting pot, but none reluctant to steer Scarlett along her path. As she ventures to the Bronx Hall of Records to discover from whence she came, she might just learn what being Scarlett O'Hara O'Hanrahan truly means. A multimedia fairytale. Whence Came Ye Scarlett O'Hara O'Hanrahan? is presented as part of FRIGID New York.

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