When Richard Ordered The Sun To Set and K5



American Centaur is a theater company with the head of contemporary culture and the body of Shakespeare. Their work is new; they begin with classical texts, primarily Shakespeare, and create vigorous, interesting, wild performance that belongs to this time. In these two adaptations, American Centaur refracts classical stories through postmodern lenses to better see, to celebrate, and to scorn these troubled and troublesome men. Drawing influence from sources ancient (poetry, physical theatre, puppetry, dance) and modern (sports movies, 8-bit gaming, installation, pop music) and a wide range of what's in between, American Centaur presents two wholly new works. When Richard Ordered the Sun to Set, an adaptation of Richard II, is the bittersweet story of a life in decline and the creeping heartbreak of wasted potential. K5, based on Henry V, is a raucous exploration of soaring rhetoric, team spirit and down-and-dirty balls-to-the-wallism. Featuring company members Cory Antiel, Devin Bokaer, Alex Borinsky, Michael Bradley Cohen, Rowan Magee and Justin Perkins, When Richard Ordered the Sun to Set and K5 are presented in repertory.

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