When Joey Married Bobby

Opened Feb 6, 2010
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From the comic mind, of GLAAD Award winning playwright, William Wyatt (Peachtree Battle, A Sunday Afternoon At Loehmans, The Limousine Ride and Veranda) comes a tale about gay marriage in an ultra conservative household. Bright-eyed hunk Joey (Matthew Pender) has finally met the man of his dreams and ready to take a plunge into marriage. The thought of a gay wedding has Joey's southern socialite mother Sarah Edwards (Tina McKissick) in quite a tizzy. Worried that the news of her son's nuptials might jeopardize her chances of winning "Christian of the Year," Sarah stops at nothing to protect her name, image and reputation. The legendary Lady Bunny co-stars in the play as the power-wielding, Baptist Minister's Wife, Charity Divine.

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When Joey Married Bobby - Mar 15, 2010

When Joey Married Bobby Transfers to Roy Arias Theatre Beginning March 12 - Mar 11, 2010

Lady Bunny, Tina McKissick, Matthew Pender to Star in When Joey Married Bobby - Jan 27, 2010

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