Waiting for Lefty

Opened Jun 13, 2012
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Waiting for Lefty is a play about the taxi-cab union strike in the 1930's. How could this be more timely with the events happening on Wall Street today? This play experiments with form to examine what it takes to break through, about how much corruption it takes to make you say 'enough is enough,' pushing you past your breaking point, and making you decide your one life isn't worth living unless you band together for a common cause. NYC...7 yrs...frus. tra. tion. survi-val, animalinstinctsinaconcretejungle. Money money money, anxious money...money and time. Submit to survive. Friends? Money/time/ money/time. Trees? Obstacle course. New York City is an obstacle to survive. The question is, is survival the same as living? New York City's hard times break everyone somehow. What's your breaking point? Come on New York, what is it? Well boys, what's the answer?

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