Opened Sep 9, 2004
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Us intertwines acclaimed performance artist Tim Miller's life-long love affair with Broadway musicals with explorations of gay marriage, exile and the injustices lesbian and gay people face in the good 'ol U.S.A. Careening from memories of a ten-year-old's plan to escape the war in Vietnam by fleeing to Canada (Man of La Mancha) to a meditation on why a Southern California child spoke in an English accent (Oliver!) to a surreal tug-of-war at the border of Canada and the U.S. on Tim and his partner Alistair's Canadian wedding day at Niagara Falls ("Don't Rain on My Parade!"), Tim Miller takes us on a whirlwind journey that rethinks the American Musical as inspiration for radical politics and queer identity.

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Sep 14, 2004
Tim Miller in Us Photo © John Aigner He had a dream -- a wonderful dream, Papa. And an impossible dream. Tim Miller explains in Us that he dream Read More

Us - Sep 14, 2004

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