Us vs. Them

1hr. 20min.


RE:Great performances - thoughtful material

For a first production, an engaging show. I have to admit, when I first stepped into the space I was not impressed. The set, unfortunately looked a bit cheap - an unfortunate by-product of young theater companies. The set was made up of yarn, looking like a web of some sort. Really? yarn? OK, I did get that there was a theme I think of connection. The point became clearer as I watched the play itself. Thankfully, the performances were, for the most part, strong and engaging. They allowed me to forget about the shlocky set. Stand-outs were: Broadway veteran how did they get him?, Eric Michael Gillett, savoring every offensive line he had. Despite that however, there was a vulnerability about his performance that was moving. The same can be said for Christopher Halladay as the fire-fighting single dad trying to raise his daughter right. The scene between he and his daughter Dannie Flanagan was particularly wonderful. Brooke Page, as the steely Barbara, is also fun to watch.