Unhinged: Women's Work Short Play Festival

1hr. 30min.


The festival is comprised of two programs.

Program A: Doors of Perception, by Cara Hall, uses a seemingly familiar tale of hubris gone horribly wrong to make us think about the lens through which we view tabloid events. Daughters of the Evolution, by Rae Binstock, brings together a rowdy group of disparate women from across time and space to engage in the essential political question of today: "What do women want"? Holly Hepp-Galván's comedy Sex With Robots is about a boy, a sex toy, and a greedy mom. The future is already here!

Program B: Kendra Augustin's The Call of the Void is a fresh contemplation of the true cost of domestic violence. Alisa Zhulina's hilarious Sublet is an express journey to NYC roommate hell fueled by outsized artistic ambition. Oh My, Goodness, a profound gem by Cayenne Douglass inspired by a real event, ends the program on a hopeful note as one small act of kindness leads to a big transformation for a woman who has reached the end of the road.

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