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The Dixon Place Under Construction Series presents: October 26, 2005: Josh Lefkowitz A parking attendant becomes a performance artist thanks, in part, to Spalding Gray (autobiographical of course). November 2, 2005: Conversations with Cartoonists: New Yorker cartoonist David Sipress returns with his legendary interview series. This month: George Booth--his life, work, and unique approach to humor. November 9, 2005: Karinne Keithly ASTRA: a radio play folk opera populated by militant rabbits in the 53rd state of the Union. November 16, 2005: Carousel Cartoon slide shows and other projected pictures, hosted by R. Sikoryak. November 30, 2005: Heartbreaking Kamikaze Down interweaves fatastical characters, voice and dance into narratives both real and imagined, inspired by WWII Japan. December 7, 2005: Conversations with Cartoonists: New Yorker cartoonist David Sipress and his imcomparable interview series. This month: What's So Funny--a panel of distinguished New Yorker cartoonists discuss their favorite cartoons of all time. December 14, 2005: George E. Sanchez Sanchez reads more from Letters to AmeriCaca, a deluge of letters to President Cacahead address Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of English. Group Sales Number (10+): 212-219-0736 x101 Appropriate For Ages: 18+

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