Twelfth Night

2hr. 30min. (1 intermission)



I was delighted by the performances of two actors in particular in The Seeing Place Theaters production of 12th Night. Erin Croniacan and Jorge Hoyos brought warmth, vitality, humor and energy to their characters. Ms. Cronican is funny, touching, and sexy and adds that michievous quality to her character that makes you wonder what shes going to do next. And Mr. Hoyos is such an endearing drunk you never question why Erin/Maria is taken with him. Kudos to both for bringing a smile to my face.

Shakespeare comedy done right

I was very impressed by The Seeing Places "12th Night" performance. Instead of falling back on the usual camp style that most theaters use for Shakespeare comedy, they played it straight and let the natural comedy come out on its own. All too often, Shakespeare comedy is played as camp, with melodramatic acting ruining the true comedy of the play. Yes, this is how it has been done for years and years, but that doesnt mean its the right way to do it. The Seeing Place understands the true nature of Shakespeare comedy, and lets the writing speak for itself. All the actors did a fantastic job, subtle when they needed to be subtle, and straightforward when they needed as well. For the first time in years, I enjoyed watching a theater put on a Shakespeare comedy. I didnt feel like I was watching a slapstick mess of a show, but a thoughtful play that didnt pander to the lowest common denominator of theater goers. Bravo Seeing Place on a job fantastically done.

Good Show

I got to see this production on Friday and it was a good show that took the story out of the traditional sense. I do have to say there were some spot where the jokes fell flat because the timing was a little slow for my taste. Also, I was not a fan of the actress playing Viola.

What a great show!

Ive seen other productions of Twelfth Night and this one really felt fresh and engaging. I love the actors spoke the language comfortably, and wore outfits I could relate to and the yellow tights were delightfully outrageous!. I hope others get to experience Shakespeare like this.

Some stand outs but PRETTY FAR from Greatness

I have to agree with some other posts that the actors playing Malvolio, Olivia and Orsino did some stand out performances. They really committed to the characters and made them real but I wish that the rest of the cast had followed their example. The scenes with Toby and Maria and Aguecheek were painful to watch in how unfunny and dull they were. I never got that Viola loved Orsino or that she was even really scared that some guy who according to Toby had killed 3 people wanted to pick a fight.with her. For that matter the fight was weird with bulky swords in a modern set show a lost opportunity for some physical comedy. A lot of the play was lacking in drive and didnt play up a lot of the comedy thats in the script. Production is something of mixed bag with like I said some stand outs but needs some serious work on the comedy.

Brandon Walker's Malvolio is a revelation

I was so curious to see what The Seeing Place would do with Shakespeare, which is often done at such heights that the humanity can get lost. Fortunately, this was not the case with the production of Twelfth Night I saw at The Seeing Place. I did feel like the production missed a couple of my favorite moments of humor and joy that I like about the play, but they also managed to bring to light new ones which Id missed in the last 10 productions of Twelfth Night Ive seen. Not to be missed is Brandon Walkers Malvolio- who is so human and relatable that it makes the audience feel so much more for him than we usually do for some of the other uptight and stodgy Malvolios. Hes sexy, endearing, lovable, and sweet. After the show was over, I wished I could stay in my rickety seat and watch him do it all over again.

Old Play, New Tricks

This past Saturday I was fortunate enough to catch The Seeing Places production of Twelfth Night and I am happy to say this is not your traditional Shakespeare. The companys approach takes the play and brings a real accessibility and naturalism to the forefront. The actors easy relationship with the text doesnt feel stuffy or stilted and it was very apparent that even audience members who were less familiar with Shakespeare connected with the story and characters. It was refreshing to see several of the actors different approach to their roles, making them their own while still remaining true to the intent and integrity of the play. This company is doing something a little nontraditional, but I think to a large degree it pays off. Particular favorites included Erin Cronican, Jorge Hoyos, Michael Jefferson and Brandon Walker. Well done to highly enjoyable and talented ensemble of actors!

Be Not Afraid of Greatness

The performance was superb. Very funny, easy to follow. Loved the modern twist on Shakespeares immortal play. Keep up the great work!!

Stay Far Away From This Show!

I had the bad luck of catching this show over the weekend as I see things over at ATA and man this was by far the worst Twelfth Night Ive ever seen. The main comic characters werent at all funny, some of them mumbled, the pacing was terrible and just ran way too long. I hoped that it might get better in the second half and it didnt. Several people left at intermission. Save your money and stay away from this production.

Excellent production

Great job, everyone! Good sets, lighting, music, and stellar performances. See this show while you can, and keep an eye on this company.

It works! It works!

First off, Im no great student of Shakespeare but I understood every single word. The actors were beyond comfortable in the language, and the characters were unique and personal. There wasnt a stitch of pretense to it. The setting, costumes, and sound design all came together to create an alternate universe where this story was taking place. In this way it was freed of any specific time period- be it traditional or contemporary- to find its own moody comic style. And the comedy kills. Im a loud laugher and sometimes clam up in a small theater- but luckily I wasnt alone in my hysterics. Bravo, cast!

Some have greatness bypass them

Being a regular theater patron of Shakespeare I am always enthused to see a new group take on the Bard. A slighty darker take on what can sometimes be a silly comedy is a welcome diversion however, the Seeing Place Theater companys production slowly devolves from this premise. The show promisingly starts out with a crushed Orsino longing for a love lost however most of the other actors do not rise to the presence, passion, momentum or comedic wherewithall that is needed for a Shakespearean production. Viola makes no attempt at hiding her gender in her mannerisms or voice and is very laid back around people who are supposed to be her bosses. Sir Toby Belch, Sir Andrew Aguecheek, and Maria, the comedic heart and soul of this play, are about as funny as watching paint dry. They are either horribly miscast, misdirected in their intentions or dont seem to care. Lines are delivered in a very dead way and the only spark of comic life seems to come from Fabian whos energy and delivery are what is needed all around. He would have made a far surperior Toby Belch. Malvolio and Olivia are accomplished in their characters and are a much needed breath of fresh air but even they misstep. Malvolio inexplicably delivers much of his famous letter reading scene under a table cloth. This is a play and the audience is supposed to see you. Olivia didnt seem to know what decade she was in wearing black lingerie in public and a ball gown fit for a 1970s Oscars. Feste is a rather unfunny fool but a very competant musician. Antonio and Sebastian are good in their parts but due to their parts in the story they arent on stage enough. The fights or lack thereof are amateurish at best and renaissance era swords are strangely brought out in what is supposed to be present day. The weapony were also display items, not made for stage combat, and at several points came dangerously close to the audience. Overall, while there are some infrequently funny moments, such as the yellow stocking scene these moments are extremely few. The group seems to have done edgier modern pieces previously and while that is commendable this type of theater doesnt always translate to Shakespeare, especially comedy. Pace, momentum and a love of the material are what is needed for "Twelfth Night". Hopefully the group can do a better effort in their next outing with the Bard as there are many lessons for them to learn as what not to do for a Shakespeare production.

Fantastickly Funny

Fantastic show there were so many funny great moments that I had to laugh out loud.

Awesome Production of Twelfth Night

What a blast! The most accessible Shakespeare Ive ever encountered.


As an actor myself, it can be intimidating when youve just opened a show and there arent many people in the audience to perform to. I dont think this cast was phased by that at all. They were all true storytellers and I understood what every character wanted and whom they were. In Shakespeare, a lot of the time, you are wondering who a character really is and what they give to the play really. But every performer, including the actors who played multiple characters, had a grasp on that. I truly appreciated that aspect of this night at the theatre. And as a lover of Shakespeare, it was even more thrilling to see people speaking his words and I knew exactly what they were trying to say and convey. A small, intimate space but I really loved the space and it fit perfectly to tell this story. I would highly recommend you going to see this show! Some of the finest storytelling out there!

RE:Love is complicated

A great, lively cast with some excellent performances, especially by Anna Marie Sell. It shows an interesting humanity in the complexities of relationships.