Tribeca New Music Festival



The Flea Theater and the New York Art Ensemble presents 2004 Tribeca New Music Festival, with four different presentations: Ear-Drum - Sunday, May 16 at 8pm David Cossin, percussion; David Sheppard, sound design Works of Yoav Gal, Michael Gordon, Steve Reich, James Tenney, David Cossin and David Sheppard Yung Chow Music (with everything) - Friday, June 4 at 7pm Mary Rowell, violin; Geoffrey Burleson, piano Works of George Antheil, John King, Arvo Part, Michael Sahl, Preston Stahly, Cecil Taylor, Lennie Tristano, and McCoy Tyner American Voices - Saturday, June 5 at 7pm Goeffrey Burleson, piano; Benjamin Kreith, violin; David Russell, cello Works of Arthur Berger, Sebastian Chang, Darren Hagen, David Rakowski, and Frank Zappa Attack of the 50 Foot Walt Whitman - Sunday, June 6 at 8pm Directed by Dennis Deal, music by Edmund Cionek, video by Trac Minh Vu Starring John Barilla, Sula Haska, Patti Wyss, and Monte Wheeler as Walt Whitman

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