Opened Sep 30, 2010
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Transatlantica tells the story of Dr. Reginald Reinhold, whose psychoanalytic session with an eccentric patient Ilyria (of the land of Ilyria), is interrupted by his wife, and news that she is dying. By coincidence, Ilyria, too, is dying, as is every subsequent visitor to his home - a parade of increasingly eccentric guests. With death dancing at every door, Dr. Reinhold is forced to confront his own peculiar relationship with mortality. The setting is the parlor of Dr. Reinhold's mansion (festooned with mythical taxidermy and curious artifacts) on the shores of the fantastic continent of Transatlantica, a topsy-turvy world where gardens are planted with cake and lovers grow into trees.

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Keith Chandler, Pierre-Marc Diennet, Anna Foss Wilson, et al. Set for Operating Theater's Transatlantica - Sep 10, 2010

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