There There

Opened Dec 18, 2012
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Christopher Walken (A View to Kill, 1985), on tour in Russia with a solo show inspired by everyone's favorite Chekhovian sociopath, Vasily Vassilyevich Solyony (Three Sisters, 1901), mysteriously falls off a ladder and is unable to perform. Karen, who apparently proofread the script once, is asked to go on in Walken's place. A precarious bilingual (English/Russian) performance duet ensues between Karen (played by Kosmas) and her Russian translator, Leo. Kristen Kosmas (Hello Failure, 2008)'s new play is a wildly unpredictable & strangely moving theatrical roller coaster about being the completely wrong person in the totally wrong place at the exact wrong time doing all the most wrong things. There Thereis written by Kristen Kosmas and directed by Paul Willis.

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