The Walk Across America for Mother Earth Venue and Location

La MaMa E.T.C.
74 E 4th St, New York, NY 10003
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La MaMa E.T.C.

74 E 4th St New York, NY 10003


Selma '65
The Chairs
Four Clowns
La MaMa Moves! Dance Festival 2014
The Tom Murrin Full Moon Performance Festival
Dark Night Bright Stars: In Concert
Captain John Smith Goes to Ukraine
"Noise in the Waters (Rumore di Acque)
El Año En Que Nací
Black Out
La MaMa Puppet Series
Hamlet Hallucinations
The Golem of Havana
The Fever
Tim Cusack and Trav S.D.
The Diamond Eater
Ping Chong + Company's "Undesirable Elements Festival"
Aliee And Bettina's (Sort Of) Grown Up Sleepover
Spring Pictures of the Floating World
Lost in Staten Island: More Tales of Modern Living
American Human Beatbox Festival
1862 - Year of Poison
Arch Connelly
Urban Odyssey
The Kreutzer Sonata
Erosion: A Fable
Erosion: A Fable
You, My Mother
The Plot is the Revolution
The Bardy Bunch: The War of the Families Partridge and Brady
We Couldn't Call It What We Wanted To Call It, So We Called It Holy Crap!!
Project: Lohan
Camp Wanatachi
The Walk Across America for Mother Earth
Living in Exile
Dutch A/V
Show Your Face!
Gob Squad's Kitchen (You've Never Had It So Good)
Pass the Blutwurst, Bitte
The Orphans
Waiting for the Dream
Ritter, Dene, Voss
Vinnie Vidivici
Ah Kua Show
Five Days In March
Breath on the Mirror
Brazil Nuts
Post Modern Living
Three One Acts by Mrozek
La Vie Materielle
Kinky & Sweet Love Songs: A Jazz Age Valentine
The Devil You Know
Twelfth Night (or What You Will)
A Quarreling Pair
The Traveling Players
Radnevsky's Real Magic
Clown Axioms
Luzimbu: The Trial
La MaMa Moves! Dance Festival 2009
Baghdadi Bath
The Book of Lambert
Still the River Flows: Celebrations of Winter Ritual from the Carpathians
Gang of Seven
Lillian Yuralia
Room to Panic
Yuto Kurosaka: Heavenly Robe, Carmonk and Blackhole
Miss America
The Raven
Room for Cream: A Live Lesbian Serial
Alice: End of Daze
Hot For Health
Seven Days
Last Laugh
Conjur Woman
Days of Antonio
Iphigenia at Aulis
Golondrina (Swallow)
Korean Badass
The Edge of the World
U-Hauls, Bridesmaids & Backwards Mountain
Romeo and Juliet
Clytemnestra's Tears
Trophy Wife
Split Ends
Earth in Trance
Home Front
Modern Living
Let's Crack Some Eggs
Odchodzi (Passing Away)
Balletto Stiletto
Request Programme
Club Riot
Nicky Paraiso & Friends: Christmas 2003
De Pasiones Sin Retorno
The Good Faith
Ramayana 2k3
Butt-Crack Bingo
Raw Impressions Music Theatre #13
Nothin' Beats Pussy
Ravaged by Romance
A Duck Butt Holiday
Marga Gomez's Intimate Details
The Raw Deal
H.T. Chen & Dancers 25th Anniversary
God's Comic
Cookin' With The Isotoners
It's a...Mexican-Mormon
Private Jokes, Public Places
The Earth's Sharp Edge
Raw Impressions Music Theatre #11
Don Juan
The Mother
The Seagull
Dead Man's Socks
The Last Two Jews of Kabul
Bread and Circus 3099
Raw Impressions Music Theatre Event #10: Rock Band
A Street Corner Pierrot
The Pathless Path
Bad Bugs Bite
Painted Snake in a Painted Chair
Three Elephants Ca-Ba-Ray
Raw Impressions Music Theatre: Event #9
The Devils of Loudun
Uncle Moon Hosts Auld Lang Syne: Scottish Music of Robert Burns
Little Annie's Christmas Show
Mussmann's H.A.M.L.E.T.
Blue Sky Transmission: A Tibetan Book of the Dead
Raw Impressions Circus Theatre
AGITPROPS: the Recycling Project
Spectacle of Spectacles: The Clairvoyant Cabaret
Orphan on God's Highway
Raw Impressions Music Theatre--Event #8
Hard To Say: Musical Expressions of Daniel Shamir
Birth of a nASIAN
Kafka's Metamorphosis
Aznavour in Bloem
Survival of the Fetus
9 Windows
Undesirable Elements 92/02
Ping Chong Gala Benefit
A Bronx Witch Project
The Bronx Witch Project
Wa Zu
Almost Grown Up
Dionysus Filius Dei
This End Up
To Dream Alive
Psychic Readings: An Eye on Two Worlds
John Moran
Counting Coup
Asian Comedy Night
The Violence Project
Little Annie and Friends
Vento Forza 5
Butterfly Dreams
Seguiriya (The Heart Beat)
The Dumb Dancer
ODC, After Homer
Bow Down
Kiss Shot
The Rise and Fall of Timur the Lame
PI = 3.14....
Tamburlaine the Great
Waiting for Godot (East Coast Artists)
Tumor Brainiowicz
The Hamlet Project
Double Agency
Afrocentric Cabaret
Erotic Adventures in Venice
Sound of the Sun
Boys' Night Out: Songs for Lovers
Songs for the Stage
Raw Impressions Music Theatre: Event #3
Robert Een and Bill Ruyle
Crossing Over
Daughter of a Pacifist Soldier
Lost Soles
A Mammal's Notebook: The Erik Satie Cabaret
Satie Cabaret Project
Bed of Light
Colored Exposures
The Underground Jazz Cabaret
Star Messengers
Dick Play
Fragments of Henry VI and Richard III
We Have to Stop Now
Richard 3
The Bacchae: Torn to Pieces
Citizen Reno-The Live Show
Rhythms in the Light
Single Action Shotgun
Pastures of Plenty
Optic Fever
The Tempest (Thaddeus Phillips)
Blind in Time
My Boys Frighten Me
The Poe of East Tenth Street
It's A Small House and We've Lived in It Always
Henry IV, Parts 1 and 2
Seven Against Thebes
And the Horse You Came In On
A Political Revue (Subliminable Strategeries)
Kwame, the Ultimate Love Story
2001: Kwame, the Ultimate Love Story
Prose of the Transsiberian and of Little Joan of France
Speak Up! Desdemona!
Love Winning, Hate Losing, Part I
Obo: Our Shamanism
Big Dicks, Asian Men
SLANT Benefit for Corky and Margie Lee
Silence Silence Silence
Ash Garden
Kariuki's Notebook
Six Months to Live
Hymn to the Rising Sun
Armageddon on the Grb Hill
Cafe Afrocentric
The Room on the Third Floor
Fiddler Sub-Terrain
Marian Anderson: The Lady from Philadelphia
The Age of the Eye
Song Tree
Dual Solitudes
Menopausal Gentleman
Mirror Image
Abu Hanifa and Anan Ben David
Three Valises
Rajah Mangandiri
In Transit
Fame Takes a Holiday
The Seagull
Il Gabbiano
Salon Paraiso
Simone Alone
Rumi's Mathnawi
I'll Take Manhattan
Three Tales by Poe/Der Signal
Theater of the Ears
Theater of Light
Krasang Tree
Night Behind the Windows
Dances of India
Doo-Wop Dracula
Bian Dan
Dreamboats and Sleepyheads: Lullaby of the Lost
The Wound
Louise Bourgeois: I Do, I Undo, I Redo
What Happened to Me
Valley of Iao, The
Drowning Pages, The
Earthsavers Dreams Ensemble
Brace Yourself
Dream of the Pheonix, The
Johannes Dokchtor Faust
Shiku Hakku--The Eight Sufferings of Man
Mr. Baldwin Goes to Heaven
Salad of the Bad Cafe
Come Hear the Music Play
Memoirs of Gluckel of Hameln, The
Sadness of Others, The
Vaudeville 2000 - Milking the Millennium
Secret Sunshine Schedule
Sky Plots
A Filament Cycle
Filament Cycle, The
Sin, an Original Musical
Murder in Mind
Satellite Project, The
Beard, The
Plagues for Our Time
One Must Do What One Must Do
Undercurrent Incorporated
Legend of the Forest