The Voices in Your Head

1hr. 30min.


Question: What would happen if the Left and Right side of your brain had a face, a voice, and a personality? Answer: Total Chaos. In the original musical Voices in Your Head the stage is set for a blowout of Freudian proportions. The story follows the every day journey of Leila, a New York 20-something, who has a dead end job and a new Spanish boyfriend. What would be the normal story of the ups and downs of everyday life is heightened by the presence of the physical embodiments of Leila's Right and Left brain; following her as she circumvents the New York jungle of friends, boyfriends, bosses, and romance. The music provided by the opposing sides of her nature follows her everywhere she goes, as each pitfall is filled with the sound of soft guitar and melodic interpretations of each scenario.