The Upper Lip Venue and Location

Theater for the New City
155 1st Ave, New York, NY 10009
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Theater for the New City

155 1st Ave New York, NY 10009


Opened Oct 2, 2014. Closing Oct 26, 2014

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Opened Oct 9, 2014. Closing Oct 26, 2014

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Nico: Underground
The Power of Love
La Bestia: Sweet Mother
Life in the ER
Hits The Fan
The Ironworks Hayride
In The Ring
Daughter of the Waves
Pageant Tales and Beauty Fails
Thirteen & a Half
"Daughters of Leda"
Daughters of Leda
For Chance
Messages from a Mental Institution
Halcyon Days
Tales of the Perpetually Single but Eternally Optimistic
Tomorrow's Dawn
When I'm Alone at Night
Simple as Life and Death
Midwestern Gothic
Angela's Justice
Abortion: A Race Redux
Summer Blue
Devil Lay Me Down
Emergency!!! or The World Takes a Selfie
The Falls
The Story of Yu-Huan
44 Years Benefit For Theater for the New City
44 Years Benefit
Western Wind Ensemble presents L’Amfiparnaso
Charlotte's Song
The Complete and Condensed Stage Directions of Eugene O'Neill, Volume 2
Nicholas Nickleby, A New Musical
155 Thru the Roof
Lady From Limerick
Nothing But Trash
Daylight Precision
Sotto Voce
Blind Angels
Thunderbird American Indian Dancers' Annual Dance Concert and Pow-Wow
East Towards Home
Welcome Home Sonny T
Shakespeare and Elizabeth I: The Reality Show
Three of a Kind, With Two Wild Cards
Samantha and the Glass Ceiling
Last Man Out
An American Family Takes a Lover
Village Halloween Costume Ball
The Vatican Knows (about the kidnapping of that young woman)
Possibility Junkie
Woman on the Bridge
Playing Sinatra
Sanitation, or Off the Grid
The Natural History of the Unicorn('s HORN!)
The Interview
The Goldfish/Le Poisson Rouge
Lisolette in May
Julian and Romero
The Loneliest Whale in the World
Wilde Tales
23 Year Old Myth
One Breath, Then Another
Flambeaux, a Caribbean Musical
Sophie's Sweet 16
Once and Future
Jack the Bird
Upcoming Train/Stopped Clock/Untitled Waiting
Down the Garage
Danse Macabre
Coq tôt
To Dream of Trees
The Connector
Peggy Pregnant Skates
White Noise
The Empress Dowager
The Upper Lip
Passing Through
American Star!!!
Another Life
King Executioner
Breaking Surface
Off the King's Road
Big Flower Eater
Don't Tell Mother
Garden of Delights
Garden of Delights
The Tenant
Theater for the New City's Village Halloween Costume Ball
A Bicycle Country
Three Sisters and a Priest and Suicide Club
Digital Dilemmas
Bird in the Hand
A Nasty Tempered Man
Missionary in Manhattan: A Mormon Musical
Dream Up Festival
50 Things I Love About Frank
Giant Killer Slugs
The Shalom Bombay Show
The Eden Project
Folie Pure
Fat Fat Fatty
American River
American River
Two Sisters Two Brothers
A Midsummer Night's (Queer) Dream
Pinocchio's Ashes
Judith of Bethulia
Just Sex
Satan's Whore, Victoria Woodhull
Cirque Le Jazz
Hypnotik: The Seer Will Doctor You Now
Siren's Heart (Marilyn In Purgatory)
35th Annual Village Halloween Costume Ball
Too Much Too Soon
La Mano: Tales of the End of the World
Broadway Jayne
The Private Sector
The Empress of China
Only Love Will Do - A GayStraight RomCom
Before God Was Invented
The Inventor, The Escort, The Photographer, Her Boyfriend and His Girl
The Girl with the Red Hair
The Decapitalization Circus
The Return of Ulysses
Times Square Angel
Only Love Will Do
34th Annual Halloween Costume Ball
Dream Up Festival
Wabi Sabi! Not Wasabi
The Dybbuk
Brownstone Breakdown
Princes of Darkness
Keep Your Baggage With You (at all times)
Gods at the End of the World
A Promise Best Kept
My Boyfriend Is A Zombie
Laughing in the Wind: A Cautionary Tale in Martial Arts
Generation (bu)Y
New City, New Blood Readings Series
Havana Journal, 2004
Havana Journal, 2004
Steps Along the Road
The Pomology of Sweetness and Light
Wonder Bread
Moments and Lemons
The Divine Sister
Lotus Feet
The Fake History of George the Last
American Soldiers
If This Ain't It!
Tarantella: Spider Dance
Nutcracker: Rated R
Dirt Cheap Money Circus
Tear Open the Door of Heaven
The Supper Club of Lost Causes
Soldier Boys
DQT Fundraiser Play and Cabaret
The Seagull
To Love and to Cherish
Swimming in the Shallows
Belle of the Ball Bearings
Out of Whack: The All-Kids Rock Musical Workshop
In The Silence Of The Heart
Auto Graphic Novel
All Aboard The Marriage Hearse
Paula: A Concert
The Lonely Soldier Monologues (Women At War In Iraq)
Laugh, Damn Ya, Laugh!
Thunderbird American Indian Dancers
Stay Over
Here Comes the Change
Nutcracker: Rated R
The Sourdough Philosophy Circus (for kids of all ages)
The Sourdough Philosophy Spectacle and Circus (for grownups)
Times Square Angel
The Very Sad Story of Ethel & Julius
Dancing in the Dark
For Flow
Wonder Woman Wears Raggedy Ann Pajamas
31st Annual Village Halloween Costume Ball
Nobody Suspects a Butterfly
Militant Language
Spirited Astray
No Applause, Just Throw Money
King of Shadows
Eksua Itsi: Behind the Mirror
Make It So
Brunch at the Luthers
Forbidden City West
Crother Spyglass and The Resistible Rise of Fatlinda Paloka
The Great American All-Star Traveling War Machine
Phallic Fables: A Rabelaisian Epic
Whistle Me Higher - Imaginary Dances From Bingo Palace
On Naked Soil - Imagining Anna Akhmatova
From A Long Last Poem Before Dying
The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether
Collapsing Universe
New York Uke Fest 2008
Sex! Drugs! & Ukuleles!
The Further Adventures of Uncle Wiggily: Windblown Visitors
The Man Who Appear**ed
Looking Up: A Romance with Trapeze
Topless Go-Go Girls at the Troll Hole
Amerindians: The Return
Nutcracker: Rated R
Divine Reality Comedy Circus
The Divine Reality Comedy
Night Shade
Jester of Tonga
Tin Lightning
Tiger Plus
Ryuji Sawa the Return
Village Halloween Costume Ball
Globesity Festival: Hunger Strike Theatre
Night Over Taos
The Poison Man
9/11: Voices Unheard
Love In Tears And Laughter
The Well of Immortality
In the Schoolyard
My Inner Mark Berman
New York Uke Fest 2007
Before God Was Invented
Betty & The Belrays
Sleep Over
The Further Adventures of Uncle Wiggily: Windblown Visitors
Parental Consent
Angry Young Women in Low-Rise Jeans with High Class Issues
Thunderbird American Indian Dancers: Annual Dance Concert and Pow Wow
Voideville, The Last Show on Earth
Brooklyn Playwrights Collective: Winter Showcase of Readings
Greener Grasses
Nutcracker: Rated R
An Optimistic Picture
Everything is Fine Circus
The Battle of the Terrorists and the Horrorists
Tully (In No Particular Order)
Job's Passion
Walk The Mountain
The New York Arab-American Comedy Festival: Sketch Comedy Nights
Theatre Of Science
Theater for the New City's 30th annual Village Halloween Costume Ball
Greater Buffalo
Corrective Lens
Voice 4 Vision Puppet Festival
The Traveler
How I Fixed My Engine with Rose Water
Slow Ascent
The Liar
The Funniest Show in the World...
Circus Contraption's Grand American Traveling Dime Museum
The Pisces Encounter
Jesus and Mandy
Luo Shen
Greater Buffalo
Suck Sale...and Other Indulgences
Desert Sunrise
The Wendy Osserman Dance Company
NY Uke Fest
Long Time Passing
What Do I Know About War?
Republic Of Iqra
The Liberation of Little Lulu or Martin Luther King Detained in Limbo
Thunderbird American Indian Dancers Children's Performance
Follies of Grandeur
Thunderbird American Indian Dancers Annual Dance Concert & Pow-Wow
3rd Annual Love N' Courage Benefit
The Art of Love
The Funniest Show in the World About the History of Comedy...
The Love Show
Fear Itself: Secrets of the White House
Catskill Sonata
Your Town
Bread & Puppet Theater in The National Circus and Passion of the Correct Moment
Times Square Angel
Bread & Puppet Theater in Cardboard Celebration Circus
Voice 4 Vision Puppet Festival
Nikolai Gogol's The Nose (Voice 4 Vision Puppet Festival)
Mrs. Wright's Escape (Voice 4 Vision Puppet Festival)
Portraits - Night & Day (Voice 4 Vision Puppet Festival)
The Adventures of Charcoal Boy (Voice 4 Vision Puppet Festival)
Beyond the Mirror
Shock and Awe A-Go-Go
My Julliard
Legend of the Siguanaba
TNC's 29th Annual Village Halloween Costume Ball
We Are The Sperm Cells
Desert Sunrise
Soul Searching
Circus Contraption's Grand American Traveling Dime Museum
Parallel Lives
You Two Should Have Your Own HBO Special
Bangladesh Theatre of America (BTA) in A Man Died
The Scaffolding: A Chamber Opera
Pier 13
Ren Ah, Ren (You, O You Humans)
Six Characters: Best Show Ever!
Lower East Side Festival of the Arts
Riding The Bull
Cabaret Re-Voltaire Ad Libitum: A Seance To Raise The Spirit!
DADAnewyork in Cabaret Re-Voltaire ad Libitum: A Séance to Raise the Spirit
Orange Flower Water
Wise Guise: The Craig, Scott, Juan & Dan Show
Epstein & Hassan in You Two Should Have Your Own HBO Special
Fore New York
The Bindlestiff Family Cirkus: From the Gutter to the Glitter
The Bindlestiff Family Cirkus Cabaret
The Bindlestiff Family Cirkus: The Cavalcade of Youth
We Are The Sperm Cells
Waiting: A Trilogy
The Ballad of Baxter Street
Finding Claire
Honky Tonk Tornado Warnings
Wasted: The History/Mystery of Public Education in the United States and How It Got That Way
Thunderbird American Indian Dancers
Love 'N Courage
The Axis of Evil Vaudeville Revue
Best Sex of the XX Century Sale
Pride and Soul
Bread & Puppet Theatre Presents Upside Down World Circus
Bread & Puppet Theatre's World on Fire & Daughter Courage
Times Square Angel
Lavinia Co-Op in Installations Instillettos
Secret Agent
Un-Lonely Planet
Voice 4 Vision Puppet Festival
Theater for the New City's Annual Halloween Ball
The Claiming Race
The Sun Shall Rise
New Love
Foul Shots
Saint Arlecchino
Beyond the DMZ
Dubya & the Gang of 7
Ring of Death
Glory, Glory, Hallelujah!
City Light
Lower East Side Festival of the Arts
Second Skin
Nossig's Antics
Rite of Return
Soldier Boys
Variations in a Foreign Land V
Pyrates! The Courtship Chronicles
Elaina Vance's Last Dance
American Eyeball
The Fist
Tulips and Cadavers
Hello Mrs. President
Big Love
Baggage Claim
Thunderbird American Indian Dancers
Love 'n Courage
Muslim Glitter
One Innocent Woman
How to Turn Distress into Success and Standing-in-the-way-Bystander Commemoration
Victory Over Everything Circus (Bread & Puppet)
Bread and Puppet Double Bill
September's Song
Legends in Our Own Minds: The Wycherly Sisters
An Evening With Johnny Valiant
Living in Virtual Paradise
Romeo and Juliet (Bond Street Theatre)
Theater for the New City's Annual Halloween Ball
Kick, Slaps, and Tickles Stage Combat Workshop
Women-at-Arms Short Plays
Women-at-Arms Festival 2003
The Identical Same Temptation
Physical Actresses of the 19th Century Lecture
Whip Cracking Workshop
Camilla: Vergil's Warrior Princess
Legends in Our Own Minds: The Wycherly Sisters
Female Gladiators Lecture
Intro to Swordfighting Workshop
World War 3 Illustrated Release Party
Cherry Hill
Survived By
Lean on the Wind
Spettacolo Provolone
The Soongs: By Dreams Betrayed
Lower East Side Festival of the Arts
Minus One
The Alchemists
Destiny Manifested
Last of the Suns
The Vengeance of Mami Wata
The Lady Was a Gentleman
The Golden Bear
Khaddish in East Jerusalem
Cabaret Re-Voltaire III - Beautiful Absurdities
A Perfect Picture of Picture Perfect
Abbott's Dance
The Thunderbird American Indian Dancers In Concert
The Volunteer
Pure Thoughts and Dirty Loving
World War Zero
At a Plank Bridge
The Vengeance of Mami Wata
Democracy in Islam
Oratorio of the Possibilitarians
Cardboard Circus
The Oratorio of the Possibilitarians
Ichssa Mrittu
Dreams of a Picture Bride
Sudden Enlightenment
Phoenix Park (A Poet's Journey)
Open Sky
Once Around the Sun
Theater for the New City's 29th Annual Village Halloween Costume Ball
Women-at-Arms Festival
Portrait of a President
It's All About Me
Wasting Zen
The Making of the Black Man
Stalking Christopher Walken
In the Swing
Dismiss All the Poets
One (the Other)
Last Call
Lower East Side Festival of the Arts 2002
Eulogy for the Blackman
The Golden Spiral
The Murals of Rockefeller Center
The Short ,Violent Life of Margie Good
Cabaret Re-Voltaire Encore--Beyond Civilized
Chocolate in Heat -- Growing Up Arab in America
Dream Star Cafe
The Gates of Hell
The Cock Machine
Insurrection Mass
The Depleted Uranium Cantata
Peter Pan
The Asthma Conspiracy
New Day
Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself
Theater for the New City Halloween Costume Ball
Morning Milking, Evening Milking
It's Not My Fault, It Was on Fire When I Got There
Babes in America
The Hat Left Behind
2001: A Downtown Stage Oddity
School for Salomes
Curiouser & Curiouser
Chelsea Murder Mystery
Bang Big
At Home with the Nixons!
Loader #26
Jesus Gets the Blonde
Flamenco Twist
The Ballad of Larry the Flyer
After Wednesday
Talking to Strangers
Never Live Long in Cages
Equal Protection
Wasn't Any Law Could Take Him Alive
One Drives While the Other Screams
Man at Work
Me, Myself and Groove!
Wrecking Ball Fundraiser
Candida and Her Friends
Lower East Side Festival of the Arts
In the Jungle of the City
Okeechobee Split
The Lady in Question
7 1/2 Secrets of a Very Successful Marriage
The Zip Code of Atlantis
The Open Gate
The Tempest-Tossed
Sweet-Pea and the Duke
The Man Who Shot His Washing Machine
Sketching Utopia
Brecht on Brecht
Village Halloween Costume Ball
The Dance
House on Fire
The Trails of Tears: A Drama from the Public Record
Pope and the Witch, The
Benny's Barbershop
Three by Grace (Paley)
Bohemia on Wry
House on Fire
Gospel of Cyrus According to Cyrus, The
To Kiss the Cheek of the Moon
Bread and Puppet Circus
Bread and Puppet Theater
Baby Boomer, The
Jews & Christians in the End Zone
Idiot, The
Savannah Bay