The Revival

1hr. 15min.
Opened Sep 14, 2010
4/5 stars from 1 user.WRITE A REVIEW


A Harvard educated son of a Southern Baptist preacher returns to his Arkansas hometown to rebuild his father's congregation. Under pressure to grow the congregation to compete with neighboring mega-Churches, the young Pastor seizes an opportunity to cleanse a mysterious stranger of his homosexuality, becoming an overnight evangelical superstar. But at what cost? Samuel Brett Williams's new play is an insider's look at the making of a mega-Church machine from grassroots beginnings. The Revival asks just how far are you willing to go for the things you believe? Michole Biancosino directs.

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The Revival - Sep 14, 2010

Daytime Emmy Award Nominee Trent Dawson to Star in The Revival - Aug 3, 2010

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