The Return of Ulysses

Opened Dec 2, 2010
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In order to commit genocide on their competitors, the Trojans, the tricky Greeks employ their multitalented sky, full of custom tailored divinities, to justify the crime, just as we employ our Judeo-Christian sky, occupied by a divine air force and permitted by the in-god-we-trust court system, to justify our atrocities in Afghanistan, Palestine and elsewhere. By order of Jove, the boss, and with special help from his daughter Minerva, Ulysses finally returns home, where he has to murder 100 evil suitors in order to be happily reunited with wife and property. The piece comes with two prologues, "Modern Sky" and "Antique Sky." The Return of Ulysses runs concurrently with Bread and Puppet's children's show The Decapitalization Circus.

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The Return of Ulysses - Dec 5, 2010

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