The Pumpkin Pie Show: Rise Perverts Rise

Opened Sep 28, 2001
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Writer/Director Clay McLeod Chapman brings his Southern-fried gothic tales to the stage, with a live sound track from One Ring Zero. Featuring three new stories and one classic, The Pumpkin Pie Show is a story-telling session delivered with a punk rock Kamikaze intensity. Three New Stories, One Classic: "As Worms Hover Over Hades"---Romping in the graveyard, Southern-fried style. A duet between a lonely coal miner and a gravedigger, who meet one another six feet under. "Poor Man's Mermaid"---A homeless man's prayers are answered when the mythical woman of his dreams washes up onto shore, right into his arms. "The Wheels On The Bus Go"---A deaf teenager reveals the silent dramas on her daily bus ride to school. "It Goes Rickety"---The operator of a traveling carnival fun-ride takes colorful revenge on a group of ten-year-olds. (appeared in the 1998 Edinburgh Fringe Festival) Part of SF--The Sci-Fi Event. There is a special 3rd annual Midnight Halloween show at the Kraine Theater!

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