The Painted Bird | Bastard

Opened Nov 11, 2010
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Choreographer Pavel Zustiak creates a powerful solo performance as the first installment of a trilogy loosely inspired by Jerzy Kosinski's controversial war-time novel, The Painted Bird. Created through international residencies at the Grotowski Institute, Poland, and Stanica arts center, Slovakia, The Painted Bird | Bastard morphs through dynamic balances and gestural portraits of disfigured sublimation within a landscape of exiled lostness, featuring Brussels-based Slovak dance artist Jaroslav Vinarský. Haunting chimes, ritual or lullaby, turn into terrifying sonic aggression in composer Christian Frederickson's live, original score. Zuštiak draws upon the book's signature scene--a wandering boy's witness of a bird being painted into brilliant colors, causing it to be violently killed by its own flock--as an allegory of transformation through migration and displacement, turning the internal agony of misrecognition into a collective remembrance.

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