The Nastiest Drink in the World



Back by popular demand, it's The Nastiest Drink in the World, Vital's hit musical from our 2002-2003 season, featuring book and lyrics by Mark Loewenstern, and music by John Gregor. Winner of the 2004 Anna Zornio Children's Playwriting Award! In the Kingdom of Baloneya, the law says King Fredipus is always right, even when he's wrong. But when his mistakes start to cause real harm, a shy peasant girl named Samantha concocts a delicious plan to set things right. The Nastiest Drink in the World is a tale the New York Times said "gives children special satisfaction" while being "funny for adults." Additional Performances: Wednesday, September 28 at 10am; Monday, October 10 at 1pm. NEW! VITAL VOICES POST SHOW WORKSHOPS: September 10: Character Development Workshop--Loosen your imagination and create new and interesting characters not yet seen in theater history! October 10: Creative Movement--Discover new ways to move and use your body Appropriate For Ages: 2-12

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