The Most Mediocre Story Never Told Venue and Location

Actors' Playhouse Theatre
100 7th Ave S, New York, NY 10014
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Actors' Playhouse Theatre

100 7th Ave S New York, NY 10014


The Gayest Christmas Pageant Ever
Down the Rabbit Hole
Singin' Wid a Sword in Ma Han'
Devil Boys From Beyond
MoM - A Rock Concert Musical
Willy Nilly: A Musical Exploitation of the Most Far-Out Cult Murders of the Psychedelic Era
Jen and Angie
Dirty Stuff
Pie-Face! The Adventures of Anita Bryant
The Meaning of Wife
The Jungle Fun Room
I Will Follow
The Most Mediocre Story Never Told
All Over
Ether Steeds
M: An adaptation of Shakespeare's Macbeth for three actors
America's Next Top Bottom: Cycle 5!
FOUND - a night with the Story Pirates
Blood Type: RAGU
Keep On Walkin'
Boys Just Wanna Have Fun
Gutenberg! The Musical!
News To Me
Bush Wars
Trouble in Shameland
Understand To Be Understood
Requiem for New Orleans
Ana 3/11
emergency exits
Tommy Tiernan: Loose
The Property Known as Garland
The Marijuana-Logues
Rhapsody in Seth
Windows of Hope
Teri Lynn Paul: You Don't Have to Say You Love Me